Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How lynsi love is financed ?

We the bonfide members of Lynsi Love Centre Community would like to extend our vote of thanks to the following. Pastor Richie Matinez from USA, Tom from Norway, Apostle Thuo from Kenya, Peter Kingo'oro from Kenya, volunteers like Rikke f Hansen from Denmark,Thomas kuhn from Germany, Joy  from USA, Kalagan from France and many others who have extended their money, time to visit our center, volunteers who have helped us to get where we are right now.

They have been of great help to our centre since they have been involved in the financing of our programmes.We were just reviewing our monthly operation expenses and how we have been able to get this far, it is really amazing and shocking even to us. We have managed to acquire some orphanage equipment, school equipments, few lab apparatus, pay rent, pay stipends to the workers from the followings sources of finance which would like to share.

We have been raising our finances from the following sources : fees collection, fees from volunteers, sponsor and donations.

Fees collection
We have guardians who pay small fee which covers 30% of our monthly operations cost.

Fees from volunteers
Fees paid by volunteers who comes monthly pays in volunteers fees that covers 10% of monthly operations cost.

We have a sponsor Healing Hearts and Nations who pays 30% of our operations costs.

We depend on what volunteers and visiting donors who comes in not frequently to donate to meet the 30% balance of the cost. If we have nobody we go our way to have, Peter the director, donate personally or make local appeal for help.

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