Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to go in Kayole from Nairobi ?

Located 20 minutes from the center of Nairobi, in bus, Kayole is a "small city in the city". To come in the orphanage from the center, you must follow this itinerary (maximum 30 minutes) : Nairobi center / Donholm / Kayole / Patanisho. To begin, you must take a bus in Nairobi center, Moi avenue. You will pay Ksh 50, direction Donholm. Donholm is the bus junction district in the south-est of Nairobi. Peter live in Donholm. You can go on foot at his home in 5 minutes, from Naivas supermarket.

From Donholm, take the bus 19-60, direction Kayole (Ksh 20).

Bus 19-60 for Kayole

5 minutes after, you can go down to the first stop in Kayole. You will find easily Patanisho subtown. Ask for Lynsi Love Orphanage (the strett to the right after the city clock).

City clock of Patanisho

But if you go to the orphanage school for you first time, Peter will come with you.
Expect a very warm welcome !


  1. Do you see this green bus ? In few days, you'll can jump and catch it in ride :)

  2. This is perfect direction volunteers and donors welcome