Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kalagan came 1 month to Lynsi Love Orphanage

I'm not a teacher. I don't speak kiswahili and to paragraphe a french expression : "I speak english like a spanish cow". Thought I take a fly from Bruxelles to come in Nairobi for help this orphanage school during 1 month. It was a very good reason to leave the french cold winter and enjoy the sun of Africa. My mission : work on the blog website of the orphanage, find new founds, new volunteers and teach mathematics with little kenyan students : a real pleasure. Away from the noise fo Nairobi Town Center, Kayole is small subtown of Nairobi.

Everybody give me a warm welcome . It's not a tourist destination and lot of people are very happy to see a foreigner (or Mzungu). Patanisho, at beginning of the city, shelt a small orphanage : Lynsi Love Orphange in Nairobi.

A handmade house , a teacher team very funny, friendly and 4 classes of smily and disciplined students. My first teaching  experience was a total success. After 30 minutes with the students, I  felt like a fish in the ocean : peacefull.

I was welcoming in a quiet residential area : let's go for 1 month of African lifestyle : got up with the sun and sleeped early (not always), catching of riding bus, kenyan homework with the children and swahili food. Mary, Lydiah, Lynda et Marcy are good cookers. So, i was eating ugali and sukuma wiki without problems. I was always well served for trivial price.

I write this words of the end of my journey and I'm very happy to be here. I traveled in Kenya during 2 months. It's a beautiful country. But add at you planning few weeks in Lynsi Love and you travel will be unforgottable.

Kalagan, from my Tena desk

PS : I wrote this story with a pen, power cut have to do it :)


  1. Chris has been a huge help. Students danced in traditional regalia, swinged their backs and waved good bye with tears. Chris was kind enough to supply food and present to those who did well in mid term exam. We welcome more like Chris

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