Friday, August 16, 2013


We consider children who have lost one or both parents to be orphans. The loss of one or both parents as a result of war, illness, or natural disaster is a traumatic and harsh reality for millions of children worldwide. Through our Orphan Sponsorship Program,Lynsi Love Centre CBO goal is to provide care and assistance to those children who have lost their parents’ love and support, allowing them to thrive and receive an education. Children are the most vulnerable members of society who need consistent and comprehensive care and support to grow and prosper.  Lynsi Love Centre CBO Orphan/Orphanage Sponsorship Program provides orphaned children with hope, love and prospects for the future. We also support vulnerable poors children from the slums around us.

Individual Orphan Sponsorship

Through individual orphan sponsorship, a donor has the option to pay monthly, quarterly or annually to provide basic necessities and education for an orphan.
For £30 per month (or £360 per year), you will be sponsoring an orphan both in terms of education as well as providing an additional stipend for the family / carers. There are many such children who require that extra support. Some come to school on an empty stomach which impacts on their ability to concentrate and learn in the classroom. Some of the things we take for granted each day, like breakfast in the morning, is an issue for some of these children.
This fuller sponsorship for orphans that need it ensures they are not prevented from learning due to some of life's other essentials. If you can be of any help do not hesitate to contact us.

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