Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Part of form four candidates in a group discussion for the forthcoming exams

A group of form one students who joined secondary education this year.Most of them are orphans who we are supporting. At the centre is our volunteer from DRC (Stany lomami ) who is facilitating in updating our website.thanks to Him
Right at the centre, Stany lomamiy,our volunteer from DRC with part of form four candidates who are beneficiaries of our sponsorship program.

Form four candidates who stay in our orphanage.At the right is esther 18yrs an orphan who we started supporting when we began our program.She also needs support next year to start a tertiary course
Part of form four candidates with stany lomami the volunteer from DRC. They need support to join tertiary courses next year
Part of the teaching staff

This is Mr Peter our science teacher
Mr Ben at the centre Business studies Teacher with part of form three students
Dry taps,scarcity of water.We are in entire need of a bigger tank for storage of enough water for the students
At the centre is me, Stany lomami a volunteer from DRC. I was looking for an  orphanage from the internet  to be a volunteer and coincidentially  found Lynsi Love where i am now.Its fan and also touching to be with the students with different challeges .I teach them french,computer and work also in the administration office with ben and suzette the adminstrator. I appeal for more passionate volunteers from all over to join me in this worthy course.
Stany and Juliet a form one student who is staying in our orphanage

Form one girls grace, Rodah,sharon and Tabitha.They are under our sponsorship program because of the challeges in their families
Elizabeth 18yrs a form four candidate who is staying in our orphanage.she is a beneficiary of our sponsorship program.she needs support next year to start tertiary training next year.

Mock Exams in progress,Form four candidates,They are finishing heir stutdies this year,Any passionate person can support them for tertiary training next year

Stella 18yrs, also a form four candidate.She is an orphan who we have supported since we began the project.She is finishing her studies this year.she needs support to start an entrepreneur course next year

Form two class. Endterm exams in progress

Form one class,Exams in progress

Suzette,the administrator with stany the volunteer form DRC working in the administration office

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